MM on the web

We have been privileged to feature in guest blogs and article for other wildlife organisations and media platforms. The links below will direct you on:

MM chart progress on the National Trust’s Park Hall Estate for Central Bylines – May 2023: “National Trust grouse shooting ban leaves wildlife to flourish.”

MM Guest Blog with War on Wildlife – March 2020: “Wildlife on grouse shooting estates will have chillingly little protection throughout the Covid 19 pandemic – and the lockdown falling during the spring season could have even more deadly consequences.”

MM featured in the Overtake – August 2019: “As a journalist, we’ve got what we came here for, which I have to admit in a morbid way I’m pleased about. And yet, I’m surprised by how invested and motivated I feel all of a sudden — it feels like seeing a wrong and wanting to correct it.”

MM Guest Blog with Mark Avery – April 2018: “We believe that local people and visitors can play a huge role in opposing crime and cruelty on grouse shooting estates, and we want to mobilise them to do just that.”

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