MM on the web

We have been privileged to feature in guest blogs and article for other wildlife organisations and media platforms. The links below will direct you on. The blogs by Mark Avery and War On Wildlife are particularly worth following for further discussion of grouse shooting and wildlife persecution issues:

MM Guest Blog with War on Wildlife – March 2020: “Wildlife on grouse shooting estates will have chillingly little protection throughout the Covid 19 pandemic – and the lockdown falling during the spring season could have even more deadly consequences.”

MM featured in the Overtake – August 2019: “As a journalist, we’ve got what we came here for, which I have to admit in a morbid way I’m pleased about. And yet, I’m surprised by how invested and motivated I feel all of a sudden — it feels like seeing a wrong and wanting to correct it.”

MM Guest Blog with Mark Avery – April 2018: “We believe that local people and visitors can play a huge role in opposing crime and cruelty on grouse shooting estates, and we want to mobilise them to do just that.”

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