Calderdale Moorland Monitors

Calderdale Moorland Monitors challenges practices on local uplands detecting cruelty, gathering evidence and encouraging discussion into wildlife persecution and habitat destruction in the local area.

The main grouse shooting estate in the area is The Walshaw Estate which covers 16,000 acres. This estate carries out widespread trapping, snaring and killing of animals. Dead animals are discarded onto stink pits to lure wild animals into snare sites where, if caught, they will suffer and die. Corvids are hugely persecuted – individuals are trapped in larsen and ladder traps designed to lure in other corvids. Death and destruction of our local wildlife, all in the name of grouse shooting. 

Click on the map above to find out coordinates of a trap that you can check today!  


Monitor, monitor, monitor! Whilst you are out walking or running, check trapping sites regularly. Look out for injured or dead animals or evidence of habitat destruction. Document, photograph and gather evidence. Take action for our wildlife today! If you see any of the following in your area, please contact us at

  • Burning or other environmental damage
  • Traps, snares or stinkpits
  • Animals in traps

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