Molly’s Story

Molly: Lost her leg after being caught in a trap

Molly is a much loved family pet. She disappeared whilst on a walk in 2011. Molly was missing for a whole week before finally returning home – terribly injured and unwell. One of Molly’s front legs was missing from above her paw.

Molly’s family took her straight to the vet who identified that she was suffering badly from infection. The vet agreed that if Molly was still alive in 24 hours, they would amputate the remainder of her leg and shoulder, in the hope that she could go on to live a normal life. Thankfully, Molly pulled through – thanks to veterinary care and her loving family.

Molly’s injuries were consistent with having been caught in a trap. The vet concluded that she had chewed through her own leg to free herself. This phenomenon is also observed in the wild and leads to further suffering and death through blood loss and infection for animals not given veterinary attention. We cannot know how many pets, foxes, badgers and other trap victims succumb to this fate in the UK.

Molly was ultimately fortunate: she found her way home to a loving family, who ensured she received the best possible treatment and nursed her back to full health. Other stories document:

Molly’s family wish her story to be shared to raise awareness of barbaric traps and snares. To those with pet animals: please be vigilant.

If you find traps and snares, or have concerns for pets who may be affected, please contact Moorland Monitors.

Molly is now safe and well, thanks to veterinary care and a loving family.
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