Welcome to Moorland Monitors

Moorland Monitors are a grassroots community network working to protect persecuted wild species and wild spaces on driven grouse shooting estates.

We document wildlife crime and cruelty, evidence environmental destruction and advocate for the uplands.

Our Work

About Us

Moorland Monitors are a network of volunteers getting out to monitor grouse shooting estates for crime and cruelty. The industry of driven grouse shooting relies on the destruction of wildlife and habitat, often including criminal acts such as illegal poisoning, trapping, snaring and land damage. All of these crimes have taken place in our national parks – areas which should be havens for wildlife. Moorland Monitors protect wildlife and habitat.

Help Us

Please get involved in monitoring shooting estates for wildlife crime, cruelty and environmental damage in your local area. Visitors to the moors can play a vital role in protecting wildlife and habitat, simply by learning what to look out for and how to act. We can all play our part. The mere presence of informed, empowered visitors serves as a deterrent effect to those who would commit wildlife crime. Together we can defend the uplands.

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Moorland Monitors are active on Facebook and Twitter. Please follow us for regular updates on our work and share to help raise awareness.

Note: Moorland Monitors have absolutely nothing to do with Luke Steele and we are in no way associated with him.